Welcome to
Carleton Park J&I School

Our Learning Environment

One of our school values is 'PRIDE' and we take great pride in creating a vibrant and attractive Learning Environment in which children can flourish. We aim for all achievements to be celebrated. 


Learning Is Fun @ Carleton Park

Everyone at Carleton Park strives to make sure that children learn through fun, engaging, relevant and memorable experiences. We aim to bring learning to life for all of our children. We also offer a host of opportunities for children to excel in non-curricular areas and develop as a whole person who is equipped with skills fro their next stage of life.

Extra Curricular Activities

We offer our children a range of lunch time and after school activities. These cover a range of areas and throughout the year, all children should have the opportunity to participate in something which they enjoy. After school clubs are mainly run by Featherstone Rovers (through the Big Lottery fund) and change on a half termly basis. If children aren't chosen for a club, they will be placed on a waiting list and given first refusal for the next set of activities.