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Curriculum Overview


At Carleton Park Infant and Junior School, our pupils are offered a very wide range of experiences to extend their understanding of themselves and the world in which they live. Skills, attitudes and values are developed to prepare the children for the next stage of learning (Key Stage 1 and 2 ready and secondary ready), and enable them to be successful in the community.

We believe that effective learning takes place when there is considerable emphasis on active involvement, opportunities to talk both imaginatively, expressively and to explain and clarify thinking. We make meaningful connections across subjects and plan thematic units in a cross curricular way. The school expects everyone to develop and show a sense of responsibility and self-discipline whether alone, together, at work or at play, and to support policies on equal opportunities. We actively promote British values of democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, and mutual respect and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs to prepare our pupils for life in modern day Britain. We also provide opportunities for our pupils to learn about the contribution of Britons to innovation, excellence and changes in the world. 

We allow opportunities for hands on first time experiences for our children through the use of a ‘experience passport’ – all to generate a question based, personalised and enthusing curriculum for our children.

The curriculum at Carleton Park is mapped on a two year cycle. Each Class has an over arching question for the topic theme that has been created and planned with the children. The questions that the children generate from this then shapes the learning for that term. 



2014 National Curriculum Key Stage 1-4 


Long Term Plans

Each year group has a long term plan with the PAT agreed objectives. This is the National Curriculum Coverage that our thematic approach to the curriculum takes. Each long term plan is on a two year cycle. September 2017 will be the start of our Cycle B.


A question based pupil led curriculum is planned using the objectives for each year group.   

Upper Foundation Stage 

Year 1 Cycle B

Year 4 Cycle B

Year 2 Cycle B

Year 5 Cycle B

Year 3 Cycle B

Year 6 Cycle B